Adrian Jacobsen (25)

Master in Finance at NHH


What have you been working on in Orkla this summer?
I was a summer intern in Investor Relations (IR) at Orkla ASA. IR is a part of the central finance function in Orkla. The department is responsible for dialogue with Orkla`s analysts and investors, and other communication with the capital market. This mainly happens through the quartely reporting to the stock exchange/market, through participation in conferences, 1:1 meetings with investors and potential investors as well as through stock exchange and press releases.
I supported the department in the work with the quarterly reporting, including compilation of analyst estimates and “Sum of the Parts” analyses, as we as analysis of peer communication on relevant topics.

What did a typical day look like as a summer intern?

I worked quite ad-hoc and had a few days that were the same. If I were to outline a typical working day, I spent large parts of the day on assigned tasks from the IR department, I often participated in meetings both internally and externally, and I tried to wrok evenly with my case group on an interdisciplinary case assignment that strecthed throughout the summer.

What was the most exciting part about working at Orkla?

The coolest thing was getting to know energetic, inspiring and very talented students from all over the country. I would assume that there are few internships where you work together across so many different educations. People were studying everything from technology, economics, engineering and food science, which I thought was very cool.

Why did you apply to Orkla in particular?

I wanted to work in a large listed company where things you do at work have a big influence in a slightly larger perspective. I had heard good things about this internship before applying and thought it was an ideal opportunity for a student who wanted to absorb knowledge from smart students and talented staff.

What did you like best about the internship?

It was probably the case work with other interns where you could play on each other`s strengths across education and environment. In my group, we had people from 3-4 different educational backgrounds with different approaches to most tasks. Some were good at the technical side, other knew food technology, while some contributed with financial insight. This was fun to experience in practice.

What advice would you give to this year`s applicants?

Familiarize yourself with the company and the various positions, and think carefully about why you want to work at Orkla instead of another company. Think about what you can contribute, both to the department you are applying to, as well as to the other students with whom you will be working with. Sustainability is really at the top of Orkla`s agenda, so it probably does not hurt to mention that the company`s sustainability efforts have been noticed.

Which Orkla value is most important to you?

It must be Trustworthy, no matter what you do you must be trustworthy and everyone must think that what I do must be of quality.