Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko

Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko is one of the leading manufacturers of branded packaged foods on the Czech and Slovak markets.

Our iconic brands Vitana and Hamé recently celebrated their centenary. It was us who brought the first soup seasoning to the Czech market in 1919 and the first soup in cubes five years later. In the Czech Republic, our Májka ia synonymous with pates, as is the Znojmia brand in the sterilised vegetable segment, Otma among tomato products and Masox among broths.

Outside the traditional retail world, we are also making a name for ourselves in the growing out-of-home channel with our chilled range of baguettes, sandwiches and ready meals under the Simply Fresh brand.

In addition, we have also been present in Hungary for a number of years, where we further expanded in 2023 with the acquisition of Khell Food, Hungary's leading manufacturer of chilled packaged sandwiches and baguettes.